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Principles for Responsible Investment

Principles for Responsible Investment

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PRI: Engaging with the food industry to build sustainable protein supply chains

28.05.2018 Share


The FAIRR network invites PRI signatories to support an engagement opportunity which calls on food retailers and multinational food companies to think strategically about building sustainable protein supply chains.

Deadline: June 29, 2018

Detailed Description

Diversifying protein sources to manage risks of livestock supply chains and seizing opportunities for market growth.

The conventional (i.e. industrial) livestock production system is heavily dependent on unpriced externalities for its continued growth: GHG emissions, deforestation, air and water pollution, low regulatory scrutiny, poor animal welfare, license to operate risks and human health concerns.

Meanwhile, annual global sales of plant-based meat alternatives have grown on average 8% a year since 2010, twice the rate of processed meat, offering companies an avenue of growth from a more sustainable food production model.

Engagement objective

FAIRR’s collaborative investor engagement on sustainable proteins is supported by 57 institutional investors representing $2.4 trillion in AUM. The engagement asks 16 global food companies to diversify their protein sources to drive growth, increase profitability, reduce risk exposure, and improve their ability to compete and innovate in a resource-constrained world.

Our investor briefing,  Plant-based Profits: Investment Risks & Opportunities in Sustainable Food Systems points to global market trends on protein diversification and highlights the key take-aways from our strategic discussions with global retailers and food companies with regard to their consideration of the internal impacts and external risks of the meat and protein products they sell.

Join Us

The antibiotics engagement is open to all FAIRR members. There is no cost to joining FAIRR, and member investors benefit from:
  • Issue expertise, best practice guidance and cutting-edge research focused on the risks and opportunities in animal protein production.
  • Access to a growing global network of investors.
  • Facilitated engagements that allow investors to have direct dialogues with companies supported by progress reports and impact assessments for the duration of the engagement.
  • A range of interactive events including panel and roundtable discussions offering multiple opportunities for learning, information-sharing and networking.
Further information here.