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New Partnerships for EFQM

12.06.2018 Share

EFQM has created new partnerships in the larger South African Region: one with BAS our partner now for S-Africa and one with SAIQI for the SADC countries (17) around S-Africa. We have encouraged to keep the South-African Excellence Model (SAEM) for the local recognition and we have agreed to promote the EFQM Model for all S-African organisations who have the ambition to go for the global EFQM Excellence Award and to be recognised as a global role model for Excellence. Also participating in the EFQM Global Excellence Index is perceived by these organisations as an additional recognition value and as a source for benchmarking.

On April 19th the university of Pretoria organised an EFQM event where Léon Tossaint, CEO EFQM could give a key-note speech for a large audience from across all the business sectors in S-Africa. A visit at the Rwanda Embassy talking to the Ambassador of Rwanda resulted in organising an EFQM event later this year in Rwanda for all the countries within the SA Region. 

Many organisations in SA are interested to join the EFQM Global Excellence Award program, a 2 years project contract has been signed to guide a SA organisation on their journey for Excellence.