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Stirixis Group

Stirixis Group

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27 Esperou, 14561, Kifissia, Athens

STIRIXIS Group designs Perrigo’ s Offices

22.08.2018 Share

A joyous, open, work environment

A highly complex project which called for the relocation, design, branding and construction of Perrigo’s new Athens branch HQ was assigned to STIRIXIS Group.

The project won the award “5-Star Best Office Interior Greece”, at the European Property Awards 2016-2017 in London.

Being a global leader in OTC healthcare products, with over 130 years of history behind it, Perrigo’s new offices should reflect its identity while efficiency and functionality should be omnipresent.

During the design and implementation process, there were several factors that needed to be taken into account; budgetary constraints, time limitations (as the new office had to be operational fast), but also noise restrictions during the construction period, as other companies are housed in the same building.

The new offices were designed to increase employee’s interaction and boost productivity and efficiency. Wood flooring, mild aesthetic touches on the walls combined with colorful chairs and decorations, and glass walls which allow the natural light to wash over the whole area, give to the new offices a sense of joy without ever sacrificing professionalism.

A great deal of emphasis was placed on the company’s brand during the creation of the new offices. The values that the brand espouses, its identity, and philosophy, were echoed throughout the environment, making it an inseparable part of the concept.

Different spaces were created to respond to all needs; common areas aiming to bring employees closer and promote cooperation and community, but also private spaces for concentration and confidentiality.  Brainstorming “play room”, relax room, meeting rooms, sound proofed phone booths and open kitchen areas created a practical, unique and welcoming concept that was a perfect match for the customer’s needs.