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Innovation Forum: How can materiality drive sustainability reporting and strategy?

From: 29.08.2018 To: 29.08.2018 Share

A multitude of factors has lead to the increased awareness of environmental, social and governance issues. These sustainability challenges are changing the way we go about financial reporting and auditing, in the future there will be much greater alignment between ESG reporting and traditional financial reporting. Integrated reporting will likely require reporters to make impact valuation of ESG  information more explicit. 

Currently, there is a large disconnect between what ESG information is disclosed to stakeholders and the data that drives strategy and influences management decisions. Most agree that is it hard to know which information is critical for business in the long run. 

As a consequence of this, the sustainability world is increasingly focused on the principle of materiality to distinguish which information is most important to key decision makers. Figuring out materiality is a typically subjective endeavour due to ESG issues not being priced in the marketplace. Many companies will have lots of ESG issues to consider but struggle to define when and why each matter becomes financially material. 

Wednesday 29th August, at 10am EDT / 3pm BST

In this webinar we will cover the following points:
  • Defining materiality: clearing the fundamental confusion over what is ‘material’
  • How to design a materiality assessment that suits your business 
  • Using information generated from these assessments to drive strategy more effectively 
  • Bill Hall, head of sustainability, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  • Amy Braun Senter, senior director, global sustainability, Kellogg Company 
  • Terry Nelidov, managing director, The Erb Institute
You can register for the webinar here.