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TÜV NORD certifying wind turbines

27.08.2018 Share

TÜV NORD has significantly expanded the portfolio of standards in respect of which it can certify wind turbines. The company is now accredited to perform certifications in accordance with other standards, such as the DNVGL service specifications for type and project certification and the WSV frameworks for the safety of vessel traffic for offshore installations.

In the wake of the review carried out by DAkkS, the national accreditation body for Germany, TÜV NORD is now additionally accredited for further technical DNVGL standards, such as those governing offshore substations, lifetime extension, subsea power cables, loads and site conditions and also support structures. Also included in the accreditation are the framework specifications of the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV). TÜV NORD can now perform recognised type certifications in line with the central directives IEC 61400-22, IECRE, and DNVGL, along with Danish type certification and the Chinese GB standard.

“TÜV NORD has been active in the certification of wind turbines for over 30 years. We are continually expanding our international service portfolio to keep pace with the needs of our customers. The comprehensive expertise of our staff is regularly proven in DAkkS audits,” says Silvio Konrad, member of the board of the Industrial Services business unit of the TÜV NORD GROUP.

The new accredited certification programmes and standards in detail:

DNVGL-SE-0190: Project certification of wind power plants
DNVGL-SE-0263: Certification of lifetime extension
DNVGL-SE-0441: Type and component certification of wind turbines
DNVGL-SE-0439: Certification of condition monitoring
WSV: Framework specifications to ensure of the proper implementation of requirements for the safety of vessel transport in the vicinity of offshore installations, here: Marking
DNVGL-SE-0436: Shop approval
DNVGL-ST-0076: Design of electrical installations for wind turbines
DNVGL-ST-0126: Support structures for wind turbines DNVGL-ST-0145: Offshore substations
DNVGL-ST-0262: Lifetime extension of wind turbines
DNVGL-ST-0359: Subsea power cables for wind power plants
DNVGL-ST-0361: Machinery for wind turbines
DNVGL-ST-0376: Rotor blades for wind turbines
DNVGL-ST-0437: Loads and site conditions for wind turbines
DNVGL-ST-0438: Control and protection systems
GL Technical Note: Certification of wind turbines for tropical cyclone conditions
UL 6141: Wind turbines