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Global Sustain: 3rd ESG Responsible Investments, Green Finance & Brands Forum 2018

From: 26.09.2018 To: 26.09.2018 Share

3rd ESG Responsible Investments, Green Finance & Brands Forum 2018
Global Sustain Group in cooperation with Investment Bank Berlin (IBB), Forum for Responsible Investments (FNG) and International Bankers Forum (IBF) cordially invites you to the 3rd Responsible Investments, Green Finance and Brands Forum 2018.

When: 26.09.2018 (16:00 -21:00)

Location: IBB, Conference Center, Bundesallee 210, 10719, Berlin

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Forum Background

The ESG / SRI Market grows at a stable pace the last years and it is becoming gradually a trend. The ESG Responsible Investments & Green Finance Forum in Berlin connects since 3 years in sequence senior managers from Investment & Asset Management Industry, Banking, Finance, Corporate World, Associations & Policy and it is a high level international communication and dialogue platform for the ESG / SRI Investments and Green Finance topics. In the upcoming forum on 26.9.2018, among others, there will be a high level business dialogue on the actual ESG / SRI Market Trends and Investment Strategies, on the new Green Finance Initiatives such as the new EU Green Finance Package, the TCFD and other Initiatives and Trends as well as the integration of ESG Metrics not only in the Investors & Asset Management Firms Strategies but also in the Corporations’ Strategy. The Forum will try also to give an answer to the main question. Is ESG going to turn from Niche to Mainstream?

  • Antony Andrews, BP (Group Policy, ESG Relationship Lead)
  • Marius Cara, Dep. Director, Investor Relations, European Investment Bank (LUX)
  • Sören Stöber, Director Bus. Development, S&P Global/Trucost (UK)
  • Ciaran McCale, Head of Media & Communication, Arabesque Asset Management (UK)
  • Nils Meinefeld, Head of ESG Investments & Portfolio Manager, RMA Asset Management (FRA, GER)
  • Martina McPherson, ESG & Risk Manager, IHS Towers, President, Network of Sustainable Financial Markets (UK)
  • Volker Weber, President, FNG-Forum for Responsible Investment (GER)
  • Angela McClellan, Managing Director, FNG-Forum for Responsible Investment (GER)
  • Yvonne Zwick, Director Sustainability Code / German Council for Sustainable Development (GER)
  • Gesa Vögele, Member of Management, Corporate Responsibility Interface Center (CRIC GER)
  • Christian Pech, Director, Banks/Funds/Credits, Investment Bank Berlin (GER)
  • Joanna Radeke, Manager, Center for Sustainable Business, European School for Management & Technology (ESMT Berlin)
  • Reinhard Oldenburg, Board Member, International Bankers Forum (GER)
  • Michael Spanos, Managing Director, Global Sustain Group (UK, GR)
  • Yannis Salavopoulos, Managing Director, Global Sustain GmbH (GER)


3rd ESG Responsible Investments & Green Finance Forum Agenda

26.09.2018, 16.00 – 21.00 (IBB Conference Centre)

16.00 – 16.30: Registration & Warming Up

16.30 – 16.40: Welcome / Introductory Remarks by Co-Organizers: Global Sustain, FNG, IBF

16.40 – 17.00: 1st Impulse Speech by Michael Spanos & Yannis Salavopoulos, Global Sustain Group

17.00 – 18.00: 1st Panel: ESG/SRI Market Trends & Investment Strategies with Q&A
  • Ciaran McCale, Arabesque Asset Management
  • Niels Meinefeld, RMA Asset Management
  • Marius Cara, European Investment Bank
  • Christian Pech, IBB
18.00 – 18.10: 2nd Impulse Speech by Angela McClellan

18.10 – 18.20: Short Coffee Break

18.20 – 19.10: 2nd Panel: Sustainable Finance Initiatives with Q&A
  • Yvonne Zwick, German Council for Sustainable Development
  • Gesa Vögele, Corporate Responsibility Interface Center
  • Joanna Radeke, ESMT
19.10 – 20.00: 3rd Panel: Connecting ESG/SRI with sustainable brands
  • Antony Andrews, BP (Group Policy, ESG Relationship Lead)
  • Sören Stöber, Trucost (S&P Global)
  • Martina McPherson (ESG Lead), IHS Towers
20.00 – 21.00: Networking Reception with Buffett

Agenda is subject to changes

REGISTRATION: Please register online and secure your early bird ticket. For any further information, inquires or requests please do not hesitate to contact us under:

About Global Sustain Group

Global Sustain GmbH as part of Global Sustain Group ( & is an international Sustainability & ESG / SRI Consulting, GRI Data Partner, PRI Signatory has 13+ years of international expertise in Sustainability / CSR Management, Responsible / ESG / Impact Investing, Social Return on Investment Measurement (SROI), Sustainability Reporting, Strategy, Social & Risk Management/Assessment, Stakeholders Engagement, Sustainability Compliance. It offers innovative on-line and off-line services related to Sustainability, CSR, ESG / SRI (Strategy, Reporting, Benchmarking, Materiality Analysis, Measurement Value, Communication, Stakeholders Engagement, Training etc.) and organises relevant forums internationally and since 3 years the ESG Responsible Investments & Green Finance Forum. Global Sustain is headquartered in London with companies in Berlin and in Athens, an office in Brussels and affiliates in New York and Cyprus. The company is also community driven with over 400 organizations as corporate members, among others from the financial industry too.