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Innovation Forum: Webinar - What will a sustainable rural community look like in 2030?

From: 19.09.2018 To: 19.09.2018 Share

Innovation Forum is hosting a complimentary webinar: ‘What will a sustainable rural community look like in 2030?’ 
Through an hour’s interactive discussion with Golden Agri-Resources, Sime Darby and Global Agribusiness Alliance, we’ll discuss how business can work with farmers and rural communities to deliver positive social and environmental outcomes. 
The webinar will take place on 19th September at 10.00-11.00 BST. If you can’t make the time, sign up anyway and we’ll send you a recording. 
You can sign up here
Building sustainable rural economies is critical to the sustained success of global agri-businesses. Smallholder farming still accounts for the largest share of food production worldwide. However, these farmers and their local communities are increasingly lacking opportunities to improve their income, food security and livelihoods. To drive resilience and safeguard supply, business must work to deliver positive social outcomes for rural communities, whilst staying within planetary boundaries.
In this webinar, we will be looking at these issues and answer questions such as: 
  • What does a decent rural living look like and what can business do to achieve this?
  • How can business ensure the sustained viability of smallholder farming as a business model?
  • What are the driving factors in the changing rural community landscape and how will this look like by 2030?
  • Anita Neville, vice president of corporate communications and sustainability relations at Golden Agri-Resources 
  • Rashyid Anwarudin, principle sustainability officer at Sime Darby 
  • Ruth Thomas, director, strategy and operations at Global Agribusiness Alliance 
Hosted by Toby Webb, founder, Innovation Forum 
There will be a live Q&A throughout so you will have the opportunity to post your questions directly to the speakers. 
Once again, you can register for the webinar here.