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The Role of Technology in Doing Global Good

09.10.2018 Share

At Global Good Awards we understand that emerging technology can be one of the driving forces for promoting positive change. Whether it’s developing an app, software or technology, we want to recognise the work that companies are doing through the Technology for Good category at the 2019 Global Good Awards.

In an effort to highlight the diverse range of projects supporting good causes or creating positive impacts we drew up a list of companies using technology for Global Good. Our list is a snapshot of the hundreds of companies that are putting people and the environment at the centre of what they do every day.

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Beam is a crowdfunding website with a social conscience. They help homeless people get into work and off the street by connecting them to people willing to fund training programs relevant to their interests. Respected homeless charities nominate individuals. They share their story and career goals on a funding page that anyone can contribute to; funding can be split between all campaigns or donated to an individual. Beam ensures that nominees receive their training and offer them support throughout their course, even assisting them with getting into work.

Utilising businesses’ and individuals’ unused computer processing power, Cudo is a software that mines for cryptocurrency. The company has two platforms. The one we want to highlight is Cudo for charity. This is a software application that runs in the background on your computer mining cryptocurrency. Any revenue that is generated through the mining is donated to charity. Cudo has set a very ambitious goal of raising $1 billion for good causes.

Demand Logic
Demand Logic have developed technology that delivers immediate and lasting benefits in the form of actionable data for building and property managers. Think of it like ‘fitbit for buildings.’ The data helps buildings become more ‘green’ by reducing energy costs by up to 30%, improving maintenance response times, and cutting tenant comfort complaints. It is used across over 16 million square foot of commercial property worldwide.

Give as you Live
Give as you Live is an online platform that uses affiliate commissions from sites like Amazon, Expedia and Argos to raise money for your chosen charities through the purchases you make. They have partnered with over 4,200+ online stores and raised more than £9,800,000 for UK registered charities. The organisation donates 50% of your affiliate commission to your chosen charities, while the rest is reinvested into the platform.

GivingForce is a portal that helps businesses measure their input into charitable activities. The portal provides ongoing support to get employees involved in charitable activities including planning fundraising days, social media content, as well as reports that show the success of current and past events, and input from donations from payroll or fundraising.

Look After My Bills
Look After My Bills takes away all the hassle of looking for the best energy deal and the faff of switching, and hands it over to a team dedicated to managing the process for you. After a customer signs up, Look After My Bills search through the different energy providers and switch to the cheapest tariff while providing complete transparency to their customers. They will continue to switch customers onto the best deals once their tariff or offer comes to an end.

Policy in Practice
Policy in Practice is an award-winning software company that have designed a benefit and budgeting calculator for individuals and advisors in order to both simplify and make transparent what is often a complicated and misrepresented system. Alongside these calculators, Policy in Practice has also developed analytical software to visualise data and predict future trends of the impact of policy reforms on households within a constituency.

School Space
Aimed at utilising empty spaces to generate money for schools, School Space is a social enterprise which hires out and manages spaces like halls, gyms and classrooms. The platform offers a service which includes the booking process, staffing, all customer enquiries, service admin and cancellations, taking all the pressure off of school administrators and grounds staff.

With a focus on empowering deaf users by demonstrating the importance of accessibility to businesses and attractions through their app, Signly uses augmented reality to deliver signed content directly to a user’s smartphone or tablet. By scanning a QR code, users of the free Signly app can enjoy attractions and navigate buildings in a way that they would not have been able to do before.

The SolarStreetBin™ has been designed to crush litter and recyclables giving them a capacity ten times that of a normal street bin. Powered by solar energy, these state of the art bins have a lid which is operated by a pedal meaning rubbish is contained within the bin and cannot be removed by animals or the wind. As they have more capacity than a regular bin they need emptying less often. Sensors in the smart bin send an email to rubbish collectors to notify them that the bin needs emptying when it is 80% full. They are currently being trialled in Greenwich and the south-east of London.

Synthotech have developed ‘polymorphic’ robotic technology that speeds up the process of replacing and laying pipeline. This technology removes the need for what would typically be 22 excavations along a pipeline reducing it to only two, diminishing the time and manpower needed to lay pipes, as well as causing less disruption to traffic and pedestrians. This ultimately saves significant money on the cost of these works and resurfacing projects. It’s no wonder Synthotech were awarded the Utility Pipeline Technology Award for the Tier One Replacement System (TORS).

Work for Good
Work for Good is a platform that allows businesses and individuals to contribute to charities and causes through a donation of time, expertise, sales revenue and more; there are no limits to how you can contribute. By signing up and selecting the charities to work with, Work for Good gives its members a platform which not only makes donating easy but also shows how they’ve contributed and helps them to connect with other businesses.

Are you a business developing tech for good? Let us know! Have we missed anyone you believe should entered into our Technology for Good award category? Tag them in on our Twitter @GlobalGoodAward.

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