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03.10.2018 Share

Help shape the future of sustainability reporting

The Independent Appointments Committee has an extraordinary open call for nominations to fill an unexpected vacancy in the Business Enterprise constituency on the GRI Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB). Apply before 31 October! 

The transition from the G4 Guidelines to the GRI Standards was completed on 1 July 2018. And now, more than ever, the GSSB is crucial in ensuring that GRI meets its commitment to continuously improve the GRI Standards. Current projects include an effort to review, revise and align the range of human rights-related topics covered in the GRI Standards as well as develop potential new disclosures related to tax and payments to governments.

The GSSB conducts its business in the public interest and follows a transparent procedure regarding meetings and decision making, as all its activities are in the public domain. The caliber of the experts and organizations that participate in the process today, also speak to how GRI and the GSSB have grown throughout the past 20 years to become the most widely used reporting tool in the field of sustainability.

The work of the GRI Standards governance bodies in the past year has set the basis upon which to build and improve on the GRI Standards, so that the practice of sustainability reporting reaches even more organizations, regardless of their size and sector, and best responds to their needs.

“Now, we are looking for interested and engaged individuals from different constituencies and with diverse backgrounds to continue supporting the work of the GSSB and enhance GRI’s mission to empower decisions that create social, environmental and economic benefits for everyone”, says Helena Barton, the Chair of the Independent Appointments Committee responsible for the appointments of the GSSB members.

To learn more about the GSSB’s call for nominations from the business constituency, please click here