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282, Mesogeion Street, GR-155 62, GR-155 62 Cholargos, Athens, Greece

TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD): Article of Mr. Mathiou Vlachakis, Director of Building and Technical Inspection

04.12.2018 Share

Energy Audits and Energy Saving at TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD) Headquarters in Greece

TÜV HELLAS, the largest inspection and certification body with more than 30 years of activity in Greece, is now also active in conducting energy audits according to the provisions of Law 4342/2015. The inspection is aiming to energy saving with obvious financial benefits. In this context and having the legal qualifications with an appropriate team of experienced energy auditors, registered in the Ministry of Energy, offers its services to the Large Greek Companies.

As an initial project, TÜV HELLAS applied saving techniques in the office building of its headquarters, in Cholargos. Two and a half years ago, we modernized the lighting system with high-energy equipment, greatly improving the working environment, but at the same time we achieved energy savings of about 30% and eliminated the constant replacements of the blown light lamps. The investment was repaid within the second year of operation according to the original design.

Having completed the initial investment, TÜV HELLAS is gradually replacing the air condition units with VRV-type having a COP of 4.27 and ventilation with VAM heat exchanger. During the first 5 months of operation (summer season), it was achieved an additional 30% energy saving in pilot sites, while the comfort conditions for the users with local temperature settings were greatly improved.

TÜV HELLAS has already undertaken the energy audits in the context of the above legal framework, while being accredited by the ESYD (Hellenic Accreditation System) and performs energy management system certifications according to ISO 50001.