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OTE Group of Companies

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COSMOTE Travel Pass service available in more than 100 countries of the world

21.12.2018 Share

  • 68 additional popular destinations in all continents have been included in the service
  • Consumers may use their program abroad as if they were in Greece
Starting from today, the COSMOTE Travel Pass service is available in 68 new countries of the world. Through the service, COSMOTE mobile subscribers are enabled to use their talking time, while being abroad, as well as, the MB and SMS of their tariff plan and receiving incoming calls free of charge, as if they were in Greece.

With the addition of these new destinations, the COSMOTE Travel Pass is now available in 108 countries in the world, including also, popular exotic destinations. The use of the service comes with an additional daily fee for the subscribers (Pass A & B), according to the country of arrival, and only for the days using the roaming services.

The use of roaming services outside of Greece has been significantly increased over the past years, addressing the travelers’ needs to communicate and share their experiences with their beloved ones or to contact their colleagues, utilizing the mobile data and voice services of their program while they are abroad. It is characteristic that over the past four years, the use of mobile data in roaming has being doubled steadily every year. 

COSMOTE collaborates with more than 450 networks globally, offering integrated roaming services to its subscribers across the five continents. For even greater cost control, the Roaming Data Limit service is available free of charge, setting limits on data usage abroad, in collaborative networks around the world.

For more information regarding the service and the costs per geographical region visit the webpage: