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OTE Group of Companies

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OTE: Data Flux installation by Ryoji Ikeda at the Onassis Cultural Centre

07.02.2019 Share

Data Flux [12XGA version], is the digital art installation of the well-established Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda that challenges the limits of the human perception and digital technology. The installation is exhibited at the Onassis Cultural Centre with the support of COSMOTE until the 17th of February 2019.

Data Flux [12XGA version] by Ryoji Ikeda, is the latest multimedia addition to the ongoing “datamatics” project, that uses the language and mathematical aesthetic in order to combine innumerable alternate frames, as well as to pose experiential questions to the public in relation to the existence and the transcendental identity.

The project is a torrent of digits and data; a disruption in the time and space of the audience. Semitones are turning into dashed lines, sound waves in pulsing pixels and high-pitched frequencies in data tables, and thus, challenging the limits of peoples’ conscious and unconscious perception. 

For the fourth consecutive year, COSMOTE supports original artistic expression that utilizes digital technology, exhibited at the Onassis Cultural Centre, and thus, it enhances culture and showcases the unlimited possibilities enabled by modern technology. 

After the presentation of the new multimedia installation in Taiwan, “Data Flux” impresses the Athenian public as well. 

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Ryoji Ikeda

Born in 1966 in Japan, Ryoji Ikeda started to work on sound art since the mid-1990s, and soon he was internationally recognized as one of the pioneer composers of minimal electro. Until today, he has exhibited his projects at the most significant contemporary art galleries of the world, such as London's Tate Modern and the Australian Center for the Moving Image; he has participated landmark festivals of digital art such as the Sónar Festival in Barcelona and Elektra Montreal Festival, while he continues to set up dj-sets in small French clubs. Moreover, he creates visual art interventions for the public in major capitals of the Western world (i.e. Amsterdam, London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles).