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Goldair Handling S.A.

Goldair Handling S.A.

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Since: 07.03.2016

Athens International Airport

Goldair Handling: Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development Report 2017

08.02.2019 Share

This publication is the second Report by Goldair Handling, as well as the first one to be drawn up in accordance with the GRI Standards of the international organization Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) at the Core level.

The terms “Company” and “Goldair Handling” refer to “Goldair Ground Services Société Anonyme,” with the distinctive title Goldair Handling S.A. and the English name Goldair Aviation Handling S.A. The Report covers the period 01.01.2017 - 31.12.2017, and through its publication the company seeks to provide comprehensive information for its stakeholders on how it is operating and developing in today’s environment and how it meets economic, environmental, and social challenges.

Moreover, the report includes the policies, strategy, procedures, standing administrative practices, actions, targeting as well as the results achieved by the Company with regard to the Sustainable Development pillars. Goldair Handling’s Report on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development is available through the Company’s official web page (