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Coca-Cola European Partners Reports on 2018 Sustainability Progress

15.03.2019 Share

Coca-Cola European Partners CCEP set out its sustainability performance in its 2018 integrated report, published. CCEP increased the amount of recycled PET it used in 2018, while also increasing the amount of its packaging that is recyclable and reducing the amount of sugar in its products.

Highlights of the report include:

Action On Packaging
Continued to ensure that its packaging is recyclable. In 2018, 98% of its packaging was recyclable, and 27.6% of the PET used in its bottles was from recycled PET.

Action On Drinks
Reduced the amount of sugar in its drinks by 11.1% since 2015 - achieving its 10% sugar reduction target two years ahead of schedule - and continued to expand its portfolio, introducing 131 low or no calorie drinks to the market.

Action On Climate
Reduced greenhouse gas emissions across its core business operations by 50.64% versus a 2010 baseline, and purchased 100% of its electricity from renewable sources in 2018.

Action On Water
Reduced its overall water use by 11.25%, since 2010.

The 2018 integrated report represents the first time CCEP has reported its sustainability performance alongside other business performance measures from its annual report.

For the third consecutive year, CCEP was identified as a global leader on environmental performance and awarded a position on the CDP A List for Climate Change and Water Security. It was also listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the third year running.

At the end of April, CCEP will release its full sustainability report on its sustainably action plan, which will include corporate wide performance data, and country performance data.

Reflecting on the progress made against the 2025 targets, Joe Franses, VP of Sustainability, Coca-Cola European Partners, said:

 “Sustainability is integral to our business strategy, and that’s why this year we have chosen to launch one single integrated report, including updates on both our business performance and sustainability progress.

“I’m proud of the progress CCEP is making against our commitments in This is Forward, and our recent listing on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and CDP A List is evidence of our progress .

“The sustainability of our packaging continues to be one of the most critical issues facing our business and society as a whole. We look forward to continuing to work closely with our partners to improve further, using our business and our brands to build a better future for people and the planet.”