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EFQM Sustainability Management Training

From: 13.06.2019 To: 14.06.2019 Share

A 2-day course, to help you manage Sustainability within your organisation in a systematic way, and handle required change within your organisation to be an effective Sustainability Manager and achieve Excellence in managing Sustainability

The course focuses on understanding what Sustainability is and present recent World and Local trends. Participants will learn how to view Sustainability, as a way of doing business in a sustainable way, rather than a predefined set of independent programs or a PR activity.

Effective handling of Sustainability, especially in cases of scarce resources, is facilitated by modern management practices and techniques. To support this proposition, a number of management tools will be presented, structured around a 14 step process addressing all sustainability management requirements (such as strategy development, materiality analysis, stakeholder engagement, performance measurement, personal motivation, behavioural aspects etc.), designed to learn how to handle the required Change and manage systematically Sustainability within your organisation.


Participants will be required to prepare for the training by reviewing and working on a practical Case Study, which will take from 2-6 hours based on the following material:
  • SMT Case Study
  • SMT Workbook Homework
  • The EFQM Sustainability Framework
  • Access to an online Sustainability Assessment Tool

Introduction & background : although there are clear benefits for companies applying Sustainability practices (mainly in five areas), the driver fundamentally has to remain the mindset that “it is the right thing to do”, with positive side-effects.

Development & management : Effective handling of Sustainability, especially in cases of scarce resources, is facilitated by modern management practices. To support this proposition, various management tools and examples will be presented, structured around the 4 P model of Change.

Communication & Reporting : Results of Sustainability should and can be practical, measurable and non-wishful. Communication examples of activities will be presented from various companies around the world.

Review & Assessment


During the course you will receive access to an on-line assessment tool structured around 7 areas (Management, Suppliers, Customers, Environment, Employees, Owners, Community) with a total of 400 questions, in order to develop a long term 3 year Sustainability action plan.


Upon successful completion, you will receive a Certificate of successful completion as “Sustainability Management Professional” by EFQM.


Learn in 4 days how to analyse, access and manage Sustainability in a systematic way

To facilitate the development of Sustainability, EFQM has launched a set of two interrelated Training Courses to help professionals and organisations learn how to Manage Sustainability and Assess Sustainability, the Sustainability Management Training and the Sustainability Assessor Training.


This training is delivered in Brussels.  The upcoming dates are:

13-14 June 2019

Registration should be done 3 weeks in advance


EFQM Member: 1,480.00 EUR (excluding VAT)
Non-Member: 1,850.00 EUR (excluding VAT)
20% Discount for the first training! 

For more information or to register to this training, please contact us at