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OTE Group of Companies

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Speech of Mrs Elena Papadopoulou, Chief Human Resources Officer of ΟΤΕ Group

09.04.2019 Share

Executives’ selection and development for managerial positions in the new digital era

Speech of Chief Human Resources Officer of ΟΤΕ Group at ACEO workshop entitled,  “Managing the Public Sector and Businesses”  

The process of selecting and developing executives in the new digital era was presented by the Chief Human Resources Officer of ΟΤΕ Group, Mrs Elena Papadopoulou, at a workshop organized by the Association of Chief Executive Officers (ACEO).

The Head of OTE Group’s HR stated that executives are called to amend their role as the existing environment is transforming into something new: “Executives’ role is changing. They are expected to manage agile teams and to empower their people. We are talking about a leadership that shapes changes and turns possible threats into value for the business; the so called transformational leadership”. 
Regarding the selection of employees in OTE Group, it was highlighted that emphasis is given to candidate’s mindset. As Mrs Papadopoulou said: "We are looking for executives who, despite their expertise, have the right mindset. We prefer executives who, in addition to knowledge and talent, have an inner driver that gives them the boost to conquer the world".

Speaking of the new trends that will define the way of selection and development of business personnel, Mrs Papadopoulou referred to the OTE Group model as an example. “At OTE Group we emphasize on the development of our executives. Recently, we launched a dual career path, enabling our employees to choose their course of development either on an expertise or on a management level. At the new modern labor reality, we are all obliged to adjust into a model that is based more in expertise rather than evolving in management hierarchy”. 

The workshop was a discussion among executives from both public and business sectors and was organized for second year in the row by ACEO. This year’s workshop, entitled, “Managing the Public Sector and Businesses”, was held under the auspices of the President of the Hellenic Republic, Mr Prokopios Pavlopoulos. Participants had the opportunity to attend distinguished speakers from the business and the public sector, the academic community and, the armed forces.