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International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)

International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)

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Since: 24.10.2019

The Helicon, Third Floor, 1 South Place, EC2M 2RB London, UK

IIRC: Finding answers as global business moves to integrated thinking and reporting

18.04.2019 Share

The IIRC has published a set of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, as corporate reporting is being reformed worldwide to embrace the concept of integrated reporting – available on the IIRC’s website.

When using the IIRC’s frequently asked questions webpage, users are invited to directly feedback to the IIRC about which answers were helpful – and which were not. The IIRC will use this feedback to evolve and add to the webpage over time.

This publication is part of a two-year programme of technical guidance about integrated reporting being published by the IIRC. The programme follows a 2017 review into the effectiveness of the International Integrated Reporting Framework, which whilst finding strong evidence demonstrating that it is a robust and successful tool for supporting this new approach to reporting, also identified areas where the market needed guidance to develop effective and robust integrated reports.

Commenting on the publication, Richard Howitt, CEO, IIRC said:

“Over the past thirty years, relationships in the market and in society, the skills of the company’s own workforce and the knowledge and ideas contained within the company may be ‘intangible assets’, but they are now the true value drivers of a successful company in the 21st century.

“These concepts are at the heart of why integrated reporting is winning fast-growing acceptance amongst companies around the world. It is one in which social and relationship, human, natural and intellectual capital are just as important to the company, in the new era of ‘multi-capitals’ in which the business can prosper.”