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AIESEC in Greece

AIESEC in Greece

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Since: 12.05.2015

Moustoxidi 3, 114 73 Athens, Greece

AIESEC Partners with the Internet Society

06.06.2019 Share

AIESEC and the Internet Society, a global non-profit dedicated to the development, evolution, and use of the Internet, have teamed up to provide training and educational programs to further the digital skills of young people in Bolivia, Kenya, Namibia, and Nepal.

The Internet Society has provided a grant to AIESEC that will enable 500 youth to be trained on Internet-related skills through AIESEC’s Global Volunteer program. These skills will not only help them in using the Internet safely but will give them the tools that can help with future job prospects.

AIESEC’s Global Volunteer program is in line with the organization’s commitment to mobilize young people and like-minded organizations to contribute and achieve the 2030 Agenda through its SDG strategy, Youth4GlobalGoals. By 2030, AIESEC aims to engage 1.8 Billion young people through this initiative.

“AIESEC is excited to be working with Internet Society in investing more towards the potential of young people and improving their employability skills through our exchange programs. This partnership is unique as the grant will enable the creation of a project that specifically contributes towards one of the targets under SDG 4: Quality Education. This partnership is proof that young people are an integral part of the equation to achieve the SDGs.” affirms Joaquim Sanvictores, AIESEC’s Youth4GlobalGoals Director.

“An open, globally connected and secure Internet is key to advancing educational opportunities everywhere. We look forward to partnering with AIESEC to train young people on using this incredible resource to further their knowledge and skills,” says Joyce Dogniez, Vice-President, Community Engagement and Development, Internet Society.