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Ethical Corporation

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Ethical Corporation: Natural Capital Restoration briefing

18.07.2019 Share

It’s been reported that a regenerative approach to forests, water and land can represent a 30% of carbon savings by 2030. Companies are realising that one cost-effective way of tackling the climate crisis is by restoring and protecting the biodiversity of the planet. 

We’ve just produced a 28 page management briefing on Restorative Climate Strategy, where companies explain what nature-based strategies are implementing to tackle climate change. Some of the companies featured in the briefing include; PepsiCo, Heineken, Body Shop, The Nature Conservancy and Nestle to name a few.

Key learnings include:
  • Path to a Restorative Economy
  • Integration of natural capital in the supply chain 
  • The capacity of soil to absorb CO2 emissions
  • The power of communities to fight climate change
  • Companies innovative approaches to cool the planet