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COSMOTE: Nationwide NB-IoT network coverage

27.08.2019 Share

  • A wide range of applications in businesses and smart cities, as well as in healthcare, transportation and public utility services
  • New business tariff plan, COSMOTE NB-IoT Data Sharing 500KB
Nationwide coverage is now offered by the COSMOTE NarrowBand Internet of Things network (NB-IoT), with a population coverage that reaches 96.9%. NB-IoT technology requires a small amount of data to interconnect devices (sensors, smart meters, trackers) over the mobile network, drastically reducing energy consumption and boosting a wide range of new applications. NB-IoT technology offers coverage everywhere – even in basements – data transfer security, and low usage cost.

COSMOTE has already implemented Smart Cities pilot projects using the NB-IoT network, such as smart lighting, smart parking and air pollution monitoring in the city of Patras, as well as the “Smart University Campus” in Xanthi, with air quality and heating oil tanks level monitoring applications, as well as water quality analysis.

"Smart cities, intelligent mobility, interconnected health, digital farming, water resources management and waste management are only some of the examples of the technological future that the development of the mobile Internet of Things will bring to our everyday life. We have vigorously invested in expanding the NB-IoT wireless network across the country to make it easier for businesses, municipalities and every organization to live up to the challenges and demands of the new digital age", stated George Tsonis, OTE Group Network Planning & Devops Executive Director.

New Business Tariff Plan 

The new COSMOTE NB-IoT Data Sharing 500KB business tariff plan is commercially available. It is especially designed for organizations and businesses that use or offer NB-IoT solutions and need reliable communication even in the most difficult spots, such as buildings and basements, and low power consumption by the IoT devices without requiring frequent charging.

Data consumption is low, since devices are only interconnected only when required. For example, for Smart Lighting application, the lamp will be connected once every 6 months, when it will need to be replaced. Accordingly, in Waste Management application, the recycling bin will be connected once a day, when it will be full, in order to collect the waste. 

The new COSMOTE NB-IoT Data Sharing 500KB business tariff plan offers flexibility in consumption of the embedded KB, connection control and management through the IoT portal, and the capability of data sharing between connections, thereby ensuring greater saving potential. The plan is available for IoT devices that are compatible with NB-IoT technology.

The plan has a fixed charge of 1€/month (excluding VAT) and offers embedded monthly usage of 500KB. More information about the new COSMOTE NB-IOT Data Sharing 500KB tariff plan can be found here