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impressme - your brand grand

impressme - your brand grand

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Since: 16.07.2013

2, Κ. Palama Street & 161, Vouliagmenis Avenue, GR-172 37 Dafni, Athens, Greece

impressme-your brand grand strived for a "Poli Foteini"!

30.08.2019 Share

Working hard for a candidate who we appreciate is our honor.

Working hard for a candidate we love is pure pleasure.

When George Daoularis announced his decision to claim the candidacy of Mayor of Daphne – Ymittos, in May 2019, at the Municipal and Community elections, each one of us in his team made our decision:

to be the first ones who would give their vote, expressed by a lot of work and inspiration so as to bring the combination of George Daoularis, the Independent Municipal Alliance of Citizens of Daphne - Ymittos "Poli Foteini" to the first position!

Such a unique experience for all of us!

Three-and-a-half months of working in a very intense pace, in planning and implementing the strategy communication, the organization of candidates for Municipal & Community Advisors, the creative posting of messages on the website and social media of the line-up, the "dressing up" of the electoral center, the great responsibility for creating the ballots, the true excitement of rallies, the constructive stress till the last day, till the very last moment, by George Daoularis side.

The result achieved within a short period of time was not the sheer victory, since another combination has won, but it was something that looked more like a feat which will show its positive impact in the years ahead.

The Independent Municipal Alliance of Citizens of Daphne - Ymittos with George Daoularis for candidate for Mayor came first in the Municipality of Daphne in the Municipal Ballot and the entire Community Ballot. It had lost to the totality of the votes of the Municipality of Daphne - Ymittos.

This doesn’t change the most important and optimistic point:  impressme-your brand grand’ team has worked hard and dedicated and succeeded in bringing out the combination "Poli Foteini" as the new power in the city, with several seats, enough to make a decisive contribution to the restart of it, with substantial initiatives and actions.

After all, that was the main message of our campaign "Restart now!"

The beginning has just happened, and we look forward to seeing the redevelopment of the city we love, the city of Daphne - Ymittos!

For us, this experience was a lot more than just a project. It was a real mission by George Daoularis’ side, aimed at the public good of the citizens for living in a "Poli Foteini", safe, clean and human!