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FSC Forest Stewardship Council

FSC Forest Stewardship Council

Member: Society Free
Since: 10.10.2014

Charles de Gaulle Straße 5, 53113 Bonn, Germany

FSC: Celebrating FSC Friday

10.10.2019 Share

For 25 years, FSC has worked to take care of forests and the people, plants, and animal species that depend on them. The FSC label assures that wood, paper, and other forest products have been responsibly sourced from well-managed forests and recycled materials.

Today organizations, schools, FSC certificate holders, members, and partners around the world will host a series of events designed to support, celebrate and raise awareness of responsible forest management and the role that FSC plays in it. The event continues to grow and inspire.

By choosing FSC, consumers are supporting the responsible management of the world’s forests to ensure they exist for our children, for biodiversity and for the communities which depend on them. Consumers really can make a difference to the world’s forests just by taking the time to look for the FSC logo on forest products.