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Innovation Forum: Webinar: Can audits work to tackle human rights violations?

From: 03.12.2019 To: 03.12.2019 Share

Innovation Forum would like to invite you to a complimentary webinar: Can audits work to tackle human rights violations? (3rd December, 3-4pm GMT) 
You can sign up here: 
This webinar will take a realistic look at the challenges surrounding auditing and how processes must adapt to ensure audits are an effective tool to tackle human rights violations. We'll focus on what QIMA and three companies with differing supply chains - Aldo, Siemens and BAT - are doing to improve practices.
We’ll assess how these companies are leveraging AI and data analytics to uncover potential human rights violations and debate the extent to which audits can assist and/or complement these processes.
We will discuss and debate: 
  • AI and other tech tools that can help and why;
  • Cost efficiency;
  • How current procedures can be made to work better; and
  • The potential structural shifts that can help further.
Confirmed speakers: 
  • Terri Olano, senior business development manager, QIMA 
  • Vera Galarza, senior director, ethics and compliance, Aldo 
  • Nicoletta Heilsberger, senior manager sustainability positioning, business and human rights, Siemens AG 
  • Verity Lawson, senior international sustainability manager, British American Tobacco 
Moderated by: Ian Welsh, publishing director, Innovation Forum 
PS: We'll be covering these issues and more through in-depth, off-the-record debate and discussion at our upcoming Human Rights and Ethical Trade Forum (18th-19th March 2020, London).