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International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)

International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)

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Since: 24.10.2019

The Helicon, Third Floor, 1 South Place, EC2M 2RB London, UK

IIRC's stakeholders believe progress towards integrated reporting is accelerating

06.12.2019 Share

Earlier this year the IIRC carried out its third annual stakeholder survey with a view to solicit opinion and feedback from a wide variety of stakeholders about the progress of integrated reporting adoption globally. 

With over 400 individuals responding to the survey, it has provided the IIRC with valuable insights into the global state of integrated reporting and the opportunities which exist to promote its uptake. 

The survey demonstrated that the work of the IIRC is both necessary and effective, with key findings including:
  • 89% of respondents feel that integrated reporting fully or partially meets the needs of preparers and 88% that it fully or partially meets the needs of investors. 
  • 88% believe that the IIRC is making progress on its mission to encourage adoption of integrated reporting into mainstream business practice.
  • 90% believe the IIRC was either effective or somewhat effective in the way it communicates its mission, progress to achieving this, activities and events.

The survey also indicates areas for the IIRC to focus on including:
  • 90% of respondents feel that the corporate reporting landscape needs to evolve, with an overall majority thinking fundamental evolution is required.
  • The IIRC needs to drive awareness of integrated reporting in key markets such as China and Germany, as well as raising awareness into some of the key areas the IIRC has been focusing on including the work of the Corporate Reporting Dialogue.

The IIRC is a year into the momentum phase of our strategy, during which we are leveraging the support of partners globally, enabling us to create the pace and scale to deliver a step change in adoption worldwide.

The survey is an important way of understanding the views of those engaged with the integrated reporting movement and how they perceive its adoption. Our sincere thanks go to all those that participated in this year's survey.