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The Smile of the Child

The Smile of the Child

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Since: 26.10.2009
Voluntary Children's Association

10, Zinonos Eleatou Street, GR-151 24 Maroussi, Athens, Greece

The Smile of the Child and Wings of Help joined forces for the benefit of children in Greece

27.12.2019 Share

“The Smile of the Child” and Wings of Help, a Frankfurt-based humanitarian Organization joined forces in order to deliver first aid items for children and families in Greece. More specifically, the goods were delivered on Tuesday, the 17th of September 2019 to the Operational Center and Support Center for Children and Families in Eastern Attica of “The Smile of the Child”.

The items included, among others, baby food, blankets and toys that will be used with quality and transparency through the nationwide network of activities and infrastructures of "The Smile of the Child”. The arrival of the shipment in Nea Makri, Attica took place in the presence the team of “The Smile of the Child” and Frank Franke, President of “Wings of Help”, who visited Greece for this purpose.  

“Thanks to our collaboration with the Organization “Wings of Help” we manage to provide support through institutional partnerships to children and families and, thus, ensure the quality and transparency of our actions. In a holistic manner we aim to empower this cooperation in the upcoming months in order to cover the needs on the ground”, said the President of “The Smile of the Child”, Mr. Costas Yannopoulos.

“In collaboration with “The Smile of the Child”, our official partner in Greece, we delivered first necessity goods in Greece. Our aim is to bring some relief to those children and families that currently face great hardships across the country and need our true support”, said Frank Franke, President of Wings of Help.

In 2018 “The Smile of the Child” became official partner of the Frankfurt-based Humanitarian Aid Organization of “Wings of Help”, when the two organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the transport and supply of first aid goods in Greece with the goal to meet the needs of children and their families in the country. "The Smile of the Child" has the responsibility to ensure the safety, quality, proper storage, management and distribution of the support to families through its nationwide network of actions and infrastructure.

Given the growing needs in first necessity needs for children and their families in Greece, including children and families of refugees and migrants, both Organizations agreed to step up their cooperation in the coming months. In this context, new deliveries from Germany to Greece are to be planned in order to meet the needs of children and their families through institutional partnerships and qualitative ways.

It should be noted that from the first moment “Wings of Help” supported the emergency actions and services provided by the "Smile of the Child" organization to those affected by the deadly fires in East Attica back in 2018, as well as the actions that were realized subsequently in order to support the victims and ensure the coverage of their needs in the wider area.

For more information, please contact our press team at or at +30 210 3306 140.

Few words about “Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen - Wings of Help (LOG)”
Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen – Wings of Help (LOG) spreads its wings to help people in need. Wings of Help have partner organizations in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Great Britain and Finland. The organization has been established more than 11 years ago and is focused on helping the weakest of society - the children. The areas of LOG’s activities include sustainable relief supply after natural and humanitarian catastrophes as well as medical emergency transportations from all over the world to Germany.