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FSC Standard for Project Certification Is Now Effective

14.02.2020 Share

Version 2-0 of FSC-STD-40-006 contains a range of options for the certification of organizations of all sizes managing projects, as well as a variety of examples of project types (e.g. a single wooden boat or a large complex of buildings).

Chain of custody project certificates are issued to the organization that manages the project. Depending on the certificate scope, it can be applied for a one-time certificate for a single project or for continuous project certification of multiple projects with one or multiple entities.

There are now more options to make claims available to organizations, including full project claims, claims on specific components of a project, or percentage claims.

The transition period for this normative document ends on 31 January 2021. Until then, FSC certificate holders can continue using V1-0, or they may announce to their certification body that they wish to transition to V2-0.

The following additional normative documents are also effective starting on 1 February 2020, and are important in relation to the FSC Standard for Project Certification:

FSC-STD-20-011 V4-1 Chain of Custody Evaluations

A minor revision of this standard was conducted to remove outdated requirements and to ensure that certification bodies can audit organizations against the new version of the Standard for Project Certification.

FSC-ADV-50-006 V1-0 Requirements for use of the FSC trademarks by project certificate holders

FSC published this advice note to align trademark requirements for public communications about projects and organizations holding a project certificate. These requirements will be included in FSC-STD-50-001 Requirements for use of the FSC trademarks by certificate holders in a future revision.

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