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Ethical Corporation: Paul Polman - How companies respond to the coronavirus is an acid test for stakeholder capitalism

23.03.2020 Share

An exclusive interview with editor Terry Slavin, chairman of International Chambers of Commerce

Press Release

In an exclusive interview with Ethical Corporation editor Terry Slavin, the former Unilever CEO explains how the International Chambers of Commerce, which he chairs, is partnering with the World Health Organisation in a bid to fight the pandemic.

Covid-19 will have significant impacts on business over the coming weeks and months and we’re focusing our efforts on providing detailed insights into the challenges ahead. Below are two further initial pieces of analysis regarding Covid-19 and how business is, and can, navigate the challenges ahead:
This month’s magazine, part 2 of our in-depth look at deforestation risk, our attention turns to soy, beef and cocoa. Below are some of the articles from this month’s magazine:
One final note, the Ethical Corp team and I understand that we’re currently faced with stark and challenging times. We have taken the decision to re-double our efforts to offer and share business-critical analysis through our written content and webinars to help provide the ideas and answers you and your peers still need in your daily work.

Plus, we’ve already updated the commissioning plan for our May magazine, to provide an in-depth look at Covid-19 and its impact on business – and potential solutions for companies that are working through these unforeseen challenges.

Article Source: From the Company's Press Release
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