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American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce

American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce

Member: Society Premium
Since: 31.05.2012
Member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C., member of the European Council of American Chambers of Commerce

109-111, Messoghion Avenue, Politia Business Centre, GR-115 26 Athens, Greece

American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce launches a virtual help-desk service

24.03.2020 Share

To best support our valued members, we have created an AmChamGR Virtual HelpDesk operating every day

Press Release


Dear Members and Friends,

We at AmChamGR are working in every possible way to help you through this difficult situation. In addition to providing you with information and constant updates, with the creation of a special section on coronavirus impacts in the economy and business and a flash survey, we promptly activated a network of all the American Chambers of Commerce around the globe and our local representatives to encourage everyone to actively collaborate. Among the core needs that have arisen at this stage, highlighted the need for periodic updates and ongoing monitoring and information about the government’s decisions in order to have an up-to-date and complete picture of the situation. To best support our valued members and provide complete input on questions that may arise regarding measures that the Greek Government is taking, we have created an AmChamGR Virtual HelpDesk operating every day. We urge you to visit the AmChamGR Virtual HelpDesk and find details for posing your question.

These are historic times, and they will certainly change the world and the way we see it. It is crucial for all of us to help, each to their own ability, support all staff tirelessly fighting this difficult battle. We must take action immediately to avoid losing the wonderful sense of engagement that is emerging throughout the entire country. Only together can we grow and prosper.

Elias Spirtounias
Executive Director

Click here to use the Virtual HelpDesk

Image Source: Dhwaj Khadka