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Innovation Forum: How to deliver real sustainability in the cocoa sector?

07.04.2020 Share

How to deliver real sustainability in the cocoa sector? Collaborative development governance 

Long-term sustainability for the cocoa sector is a major challenge. But rather than relying solely on price premiums, the solution is to think bigger, and admit the industry itself needs serious reform on the ground

Can cocoa ever be sustainable? Recent media coverage of the industry paints a bleak picture. Much of that has focussed on farmers apparently being paid significantly less than a dollar a day for cocoa beans. It has also highlighted continued allegations that cocoa farming is a contributor to deforestation in producing countries.

All of this strongly suggests that efforts by cocoa traders and chocolate companies, and the use of procurement standards have failed meaningfully to shift the dial on the sustainability of the industry. This is not surprising, however, given the challenge of fixing cocoa is actually to help the reform of the structure and governance of the economies of west Africa.

This is an area fraught with difficulty. Yet that does not mean commodity sourcing practices cannot assist in this area. They can, and must ... click here for full story

Article and photo source: Newsletter