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Global Sustain provides advisory services to enterprises through projects supported by the EBRD in Greece

05.05.2020 Share

We are here to support your new sustainability project!

In Greece, the EBRD helps small and medium-sized businesses grow, succeed, then grow again, becoming genuine catalysts for their local economies and region.

Global Sustain provides advisory services to micro, small and medium sized enterprises through projects supported by the EBRD in Greece. The EBRD, as part of its Advice for Small Businesses activities, shares part of the costs of the advisory project with the company (currently covers 70% of the net cost of the project).

With over 14 years of experience, Global Sustain creates awareness, inspires and supports companies in sustainable business and finance, corporate responsibility, responsible (ESG) investing, sustainability compliance (with EU Law & EBRD Performance Requirements).

We offer an innovative approach to your sustainability needs and through our services we drive businesses, from all industries, to excellence.

Whether it’s an annual report or a completely new sustainable development challenge, we are flexible to your needs and we create custom solutions. We have a unique approach that actively combines expert advisory with challenge identification and solutions along with in depth knowledge, expertise and know-how of certified advisors and associates.

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