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OTE: New environmental & climate change targets

08.06.2020 Share

COSMOTE sets new target for 100% use of renewable energy resources and 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

Press Release

-By 2021, all of Group’s electricity will come from renewable energy sources, and by 2030 a 90% reduction in direct and indirect CO2 emissions will be achieved

COSMOTE sets new ambitious climate targets -in the context of its sustainable development strategy- recognizing the grave repercussions of climate change on global economic activity and human life.
“Climate change is a great challenge for humanity. The covid-19 crisis further highlighted the need to act decisively and quickly, as a global community, in order to protect human health and natural environment. By setting ambitious climate protection targets, we take our share of responsibility and chose the path of sustainable development. On this path, digital technology is our ally in supporting growth and progress while also reducing our environmental footprint. With the help of technology, we can protect our planet and create a better world for ourselves and our children” said Michael Tsamaz, OTE Group Chairman and CEO.
Over the next decade, OTE Group has committed to three climate-change targets – on Deutsche Telekom Group level. All three challenges were validated in 2019 by the Science Based Targets Initiative and are in compliance with the reductions in greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions required to limit the increase in the planet’s temperature to 1.5ο C.
Specifically, the Group commits to the following:
  • 100% use of renewable energy sources (RES) for the Group’s electricity needs by 2021,
  • 90% reduction in GHG emissions (CO2) Scope 1 (direct) & Scope 2 (indirect) by 2030 (versus 2017),
  • 25%reduction in indirect GHG emissions (CO2) - Scope 3 - per customer (procurement of goods and services, fixed equipment and use of products and services) by 2030 (versus 2017).

The climate targets are part of OTE Group’s overall environmental strategy, which includes a number of actions in the sectors of circular economy, energy consumption and waste management.
2019: The Group recycled 89%of own waste & reduced use of plastic bottles at its facilities by 58%
COSMOTE’s environmental initiatives in 2019 generated significant results. Among others, the company ensured that 100% of its electricity comes from RES, through guarantees of origin from PPC, and saved 37.7 GWh of energy (the amount of electricity consumed by a city of 22,000 residents).
Through the #Zeroplastic initiative, it achieved a 58% reduction in use of single-use plastic bottles, while completely banning plastic cups at the Group’s facilities and plastic bags at COSMOTE shops.
Moreover, the Group recycled 99 tons of materials (e.g. paper, packaging, ink cartridges, small electric & electronic appliances, household batteries, light bulbs) through the recycling program for its employees, and over 50 tons of materials (e.g. telephones, batteries, printer ink) through the recycling program of the COSMOTE and GERMANOS shops. In total, OTE Group alternatively managed 89% of the almost 5,000 tons of the waste it produced.
At OTE Group, sustainable development is part of its business operations and strategy. The Group is in  constant search of new ways to improve its positive contribution to the economy, society and the environment, for a better world for all.

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