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Generation Y’s Market Research Department on Black Friday results for the online Greek Market

07.12.2018 Share

Αfter analyzing data from the e-commerce sales that took place on Black Friday as well as the users’ behavior during the same day, Generation Y’ s Market Research Department brought to light impressive results regarding the impact of the Black Friday offers in the Greek market.

More specifically, Greek e-shops had a 70% increase in visits, a 22% decrease in bounce rate and a 95% increase in page views, indicating that not only did the users visit e-shops massively, but they also stayed and surfed through the website. Through this journey, e-shop operators saw their conversion rate jump at an impressive 35%, generating a revenue 182% higher than the daily average.

Besides the general statistics based on several industries, Generation Y also measured the results specifically for fashion and online pharmacies.

Fashion was among the main winners of Black Friday, since fashion e-shops experienced an impressive 55% increase in conversion rate and a 259% increase in revenue. They also noted an 105% increase in visits, 9% decrease in bounce rate and 112% increase in page views.

Interestingly, apparel and shoes e-shops also had an average of 10% increase in visits from a mobile device.

Finally, online pharmacies had a more moderate performance than fashion or other industries, but still showed impressive results. Pharmacy e-shops had an average of 35% more visits than on a regular day, 10% lower bounce rate and a 70% increase in page views. They also achieved a 37% increase in conversion rate and a 152% increase in revenue.