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Novartis Hellas SACI

Novartis Hellas SACI

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Since: 01.03.2016

12th km National Road Athens-Lamia, Metamorfosi, 144 51 Athens, Greece

Novartis Hellas: Invests 53% of its total operations’ revenues back to the Greek society and economy

05.10.2020 Share

Novartis Hellas: Invests 53% of its total operations’ revenues back to the Greek society and economy 

The company announced its footprint as well as important progress in ESG matters on its latest Corporate Responsibility Report (CR) for 2018-2019.

 Total direct investments in the country reached €467 mio
 Creation of approx. 2.000 jobs (direct, indirect and induced)
 Access to 54 therapies of the company to over 1.7 million patients (2019)
 58% of the company's employees are women, with the percentage of women working in high-responsibility roles rising to 59%.

The results of the Corporate Responsibility Report for 2018-2019 were announced by Novartis Hellas, fully in line with the principles of the Global Compact and the Goals for Sustainable Development of the UN. The Report demonstrates Novartis’ firm commitment to Greece, through the generation of measurable value in expanding access to healthcare for citizens and sustainability for the local economy.

The company focuses its CR actions on three strategic priorities, which are in line with relative matters of Environment, Society and Corporate Governance (ESG) that are of the utmost importance of its stakeholders in Greece:
1. Holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards
2. Being part of the solution on access to healthcare
3. Being a responsible citizen

Based on the above priorities, which cover issues of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), Novartis Hellas invested 53% of its total revenues to the Greek society and economy in 2018-2019. Particularly, the company proceeded to a direct investment of a total of approx. €467 m., through fiscal contributions (incl. clawback & rebates), jobs’ creation, research and development, expenses in domestic suppliers, as well as support of scientific & social initiatives. Additionally, the company created 1.967 and 2.068 direct, indirect and induced jobs in 2018 and 2019, respectively*.

The improvement of access to healthcare is at the heart of Novartis’ operations, aiming to offer to every patient the right therapy, at the right time, contributing substantially to the improvement of their quality of life. In 2019, Novartis provided 54 treatments to 1.7 m. patients, generating a social value of $856 m.*. Furthermore, the company invested €5,6 m. in 2018 and €5,1 m. in 2019 in order to conduct 79 and 73 clinical trials respectively, with 2.228 and 1.746 benefitted patients. Novartis Hellas supported 10 and 8 patient programs, benefiting over 2,500 patients each year. Finally, it started the implementation of Holistic Care, an innovative business model in the country. The new model, through scientific information about chronic diseases and highlighting the symptoms that a patient may have in the early stages of his disease, promotes early diagnosis and the formation of a therapeutic alliance for the benefit of patients with chronic diseases.

Underlining the company’s continuous commitment to diversity and inclusion, the Report states that 58% of the company’s employees are women, with the percentage of women working in high-responsibility roles rising at 59%. At the same time, Novartis Hellas took tangible action in two issues of substantial interest for its stakeholders: environmental protection and sustainability of the local community. With the initiative “Novartis Plastic Free Workplace”, all single-use plastics were removed from the company’s facilities both at Metamorfosi and Thessaloniki. Moreover, the company implemented the “Open Wings” initiative, a program to reduce youth unemployment, providing 200 young people with useful competences in order to bridge the gap between labour market needs and skills.

The Country President and Managing Director of Novartis Hellas, Susanne Kohout, said: “The journey of the last two years had several important moments but also challenges. The recent developments of the global COVID-19 pandemic have demonstrated that fulfilling our mission, to help people live longer and better lives, is more necessary and relevant than ever. Today, looking towards the future, it is becoming clear that the unprecedented challenges faced by humanity, countries and health systems are far too big and complex to be solved by individual groups, organizations or governments. The cooperation of all stakeholders is essential to create a sustainable future together and Novartis is here to provide solutions in this direction.”

* Based on the Impact valuation study conducted every year by the parent company

Article Source: Press Release