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Innovation Forum: 2020 lessons to use in 2021

12.01.2021 Share

2020 lessons to use in 2021

From more action on climate to a lack of global cooperation on governance, what did we learn last year that we can use in this? 
By Mallen Baker
2020 taught us some powerful lessons – perhaps we should be grateful for that at least. Some of them were obvious, such as when we get enough people focused on solving a technical problem we can indeed innovate astonishingly quickly. But the less obvious takeaways may be the most important ones.

Let’s start with some of the positives.

For one thing, 2020 saw a subtle, but immensely important, shift when it comes to the dynamic around climate change. Pre-2020, we had countries staring into the face of the science and trying to negotiate how little they could change in the face of it. The mindset, even for the world-leaders, was very much one of...

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