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WIND Hellas Telecommunications S.A.

Press conference: "Donation of Technological Equipment"

15.12.2008 Share

Mr. George Tsaprounis, WIND Corporate Communication Executive Director

Good evening to you all,

I would like to welcome you in this event and present to you a significant initiative taken by WIND and WIND Stores in Fthiotida area concerning schools of your Prefecture. “Traveling in the World of Knowledge” is a lifetime program for education that do actually provide the chance to schools, faced with several problems and shortages, to be converted into modern educational centers and to reduce inequality between regional and urban areas.

The donation of technological equipment (hardware) and educational material by WIND is integrated into the implementation of the social responsibility strategy “In action” for the promotion and support of Education.

Supporting the children who constitute the future of our society, WIND tries to bridge the social and digital gap that exists for those children living in remote areas of our country or in areas that suffered physical disasters. In this frame, as of 2001, the Company has initiated the implementation of a program that records the needs of primary and secondary education schools and, further on, provides the necessary modern technological equipment.

In co-operation with the responsible school administrations of the prefecture, we record the needs of primary schools, high schools and lyceums in modern hardware such as PCs, printers, video-projectors, scanners, photocopy machines, televisions, DVD players, etc.

During the last 8 years, WIND has supplied hardware related equipment to 307 schools in total in 12 prefectures of Evros, the Dodecanese, Epirus, Chania, Northern Aegean, Rodopi and Xanthi, Messinia and Fthiotida. This annual donation is one of the most significant sponsorships on the part of WIND implemented in the framework of its social responsibility strategy entitled "In Action". The said strategy was named this way, because the objective of these actions of ours is to actually contribute to the social prosperity and development of our country.

Supporting schools, which number only four students and are located in the remote ends of our country, is a top priority issue that comes along with our commitment to keep on forming the conditions for children to have equal access to education and for reducing the digital gap.

Today, 3 WIND stores operate in the area of Fthiotida, while another two will soon be in operation in the areas of Stilida and Malessina. Through our stores’ network we give the opportunity to young people to work and acquire the know-how and experience in a rapidly developing market, supporting this way both the economy and social life of Greece. The development of co-operation with local businessmen promotes WIND bonds with the local society. For the people of WIND, Social Responsibility means a commitment that must govern all aspects of "making business". Apart from achieving our business goals, our main pursuit is to support those who really need it in every possible way.