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What can make green marketing more efficient? 'CSR Review' interviews Nikos Kanakis, Creative Director, Greenmind Advertising

21.07.2011 Share

Within the financial difficulties of our time, the question is whether green marketing can be direct and efficient

"CSR Review" magazine interviews Nikos Kanakis, Creative Director of Greenmind Advertising, Greece's first green advertising agency

Nikos Kanakis: I'll answer to that question with a simple example. Imagine that we are in front of a great river where on one side there are all green products and services, while on the other there are customers waiting to discover them. The river conceals risks as strong currents, dangerous fish, while in its "flood crisis" overflows. In order for someone to go across the river, he needs the appropriate vessel and proper navigation. In our case, the vessel is the communication of product while the navigation is strategic marketing. The correct combination of both brings the desired results.

"CSR Review": How can this boat be built in order to withstand the difficulties of the river at this time?
I would say that currently, we are redefining the model of our lives, both on economical and social levels. Everything that was missing then, we must replace today in the right way. Thus, our ship should be made with care and creativity; to be infused with knowledge, accountability, transparency and enough professionalism. To be fast and flexible. Not be pompous and arrogant, but simple and functional. We need to inspire confidence and be able to navigate to more economic and interactive channels, such as the internet.

How will you encounter competition from other vessels which want to reach the same target group with similar products and services?
Communication existed and will exist forever. The question is how well we know the consumer from the opposite bank in order to become creative and also gain his trust. The new model of consumer is more suspicious, while more sensitive to green products than ever. Simultaneously, he wants to know how "green" is the product chosen and what value would this add to his life. He wants a product to be active -- alive, and always have something important to say. Thus, I believe products that build a good and honest relationship with the consumer will win his preference and ultimately dominate in competition. So, our ship, instead of green products, should transfer values, emotions and endless creativity.

And what is the cost of this boat? Is it binding on such trips?
I can only speak for "my own house". At Greenmind, we believe that green communication must be economically attractive in order to be implemented by most of the commercial world. Our expertise in green projects and actions of corporate social responsibility also makes us very cautious in our earnings due to the moral status of our work. All this, of course not at the expense of quality as a result of our experience in multinational companies, the bar of creativity is already high.

Does your boat have lifejackets?
Always. In addition, we're excellent swimmers.

The original interview was conducted in Greek and published in ''CSR Review" magazine (2011).