Newsletter 371
Tuesday, July 13, 2021

New Tool: The EU Taxonomy Compass

The EU Taxonomy Compass provides a visual representation of the contents of the EU Taxonomy, starting with the Delegated Act on the climate objectives, as adopted on 4 June 2021. Looking forward, it will be updated to include future delegated acts specifying technical screening criteria for additional economic activities substantially contributing to the climate objectives and the other environmental objectives of the Taxonomy Regulation. It will also reflect reviews of the delegated acts in the future.

For more information please have a look here.



The Municipality of Thessaloniki is committed to designing and implementing pilot projects of urban regeneration based on the local bioclimatic characteristics


CNH Industrial’s New Holland site in Saskatoon, Canada is highlighting the importance of protecting biodiversity and the environment by planting trees in celebration of World Environment Day 2021



A third tool in the decarbonization toolbox is the purchase of carbon offsets


What a difference a few months and a new administration make


The Charity “Pediatric Trauma Care” was awarded for the fifth year the “NGO of the Year” Award in the category “Health and Social Welfare”


EY will officially present the results of the "Attractiveness Survey Greece 2021" at the 4th InvestGR Forum 2021: Reforming the Greek Economy



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