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Ask2Travel agency was founded in 2011 and is a member of the Lino Group (Lino S.A, Lino3D Ahead RM, Yachts – Sailing, KRV square). Our services are provided by highly trained and experienced partners, thus ensuring maximum quality in all areas. Our company certified by ISO 9001, with offices in Greece, Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Heraklion Crete and Turkey, offers ticketing and accommodation services worldwide.

Online Travel Agency (OTA)
As an established ticketing consolidator to travel agencies in Greece and, abroad we offer services which include Hotel reservations, car rentals and transfers. We can offer 24/7 flights reservations, hotels, transfers, yachts, excursions and car rental with online booking and support.

Business Travel
•Our team of experts will tend to every little detail, undertakes the design, planning and organize any travel service, regardless of scope or scale. Our solutions drive savings to your travel budget while delivering efficiency and safety for your travelling workforce – leaving you to take care of your business.
•Trade Fairs. Specialized partners take care of the hospitality and transportation of participants (exhibitors and visitors) in exhibitions.
•Corporate Meetings and Events. The experienced team in combination with our partners specialized in Audiovisual Equipment guarantees the desired results.

Yachts Chartering
In addition, Ask2Travel services extend to the area of Yacht charters for sailing and motor boats (motor yachts, sailing yachts) in various ways (boat rental by a family or group rental cabin or berth, flotilla) and tours.