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About Athenian Brewery
Athenian Brewery SA is the largest beer production and distribution company in Greece, with an active presence in the country for more than 55 years. It was founded in 1963 by a group of Greek entrepreneurs and today is a member of the HEINEKEN N.V. Group. It produces in Greece the following beers: Amstel, Amstel Dark, Amstel Radler, Amstel Free, Amstel Free Lemon, Amstel KARGO IPA, Heineken, ALFA, ALFA Strong, ALFA Weiss, ALFA Choris, Fischer, MAMOS (with a licensed agreement with the Mamos family), NYMFI, and Buckler from 100% Greek barley, as well as the two cider brands MILOKLEFTIS and Strongbow at its factory in Patras, with Greek raw materials. At the same time, its portfolio includes the natural mineral water IOLI, while it imports well-known beer brands, including: Sol, Mc Farland, Erdinger, Murphy’s, Duvel. It has 3 breweries in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras, 2 privately owned malting plants in Thessaloniki and Patras, as well as the IOLI natural Mineral Water bottling unit in Lamia.
Since 2008 it carries out the first and largest Barley Contract Sourcing Program through which Greek barley is supplied to cover 100% of the company’s production needs. The Greek raw materials in combination with the modern breweries and the 2 privately owned malting plants, create a fully vertical Greek route for the Athenian Brewery’s products.
With the help of an extensive distribution and sales network, it produces and distributes its products in 19 countries and on 5 continents.
Along with its business development, the company has invested in the modernization of the production process, in the adoption of an integrated environmental policy, in the formation of a safe and fair working environment, in the promotion of responsible alcohol consumption and in its social impact, always through the contribution of its employees, with transparency and accountability.
Athenian Brewery holds the certifications TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS ISO 9001: 2015 for product quality, FSSC 22000: Version 4.1 for product safety (HACCP), ISO 14001: 2015 for environmental protection and OHSAS 18001: 2007 for safety and staff health.
It is also the first company in Greece to have won the highest (Diamond) distinction in the National Corporate Responsibility Index (CR Index) in 2013 as well as numerous awards for corporate responsibility, its consistent performance in sustainable development and care for society and the environment. Finally, the Athenian Brewery has been repeatedly awarded for its work environment.

Launched in 2010 “Brewing a Better Future” is Heineken’s long-term sustainability ambition for 2020. 23 integrated programmes make up the ambition, focussing on improving the environmental impact of Heineken’s brands and business, empowering people and the communities in which Heineken operates and positively impacting the role of beer in society.

Amongst the commitments Heineken has made as part of its approach to sustainability are:

  • by 2020 a reduction of specific direct and indirect CO2 emissions in breweries by at least 40% and a reduction in specific water consumption by at least 25%
  • to expand to EUR 20 million the funding for the Heineken Africa Foundation
  • to expand the local sourcing of raw materials in Africa to 60% by 2020
  • the continuous reduction of our CO2 footprint of our brands
  • by 2015 ensuring that all markets have a partnership that help the company play its part in reducing alcohol abuse
  • by 2015 for every majority-owned business to have a sustainability plan and to report publicly on its progress and commitment.

The “Brewing a Better Future” initiative comes a decade after Heineken published its first sustainability agenda in 2000. Over the past decade, the company has made significant progress to improve its responsibility towards various stakeholders. Heineken is a member of UN Global Compact LEAD, subscribes to the UN Water Mandate and actively promotes responsible consumption via brand communication and responsibility activities in partnership with other beverage companies. Heineken is also member of FTSE4Good.