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  • Since: 23.06.2022


B.S.S. was founded in 1998 with a clear vision to contribute to the development of the Greek businesses. BSS has been here for the last 23 years, advising businessmen in all financial aspects of their business.  One of the most successful consulting firms in Greece, it has the foundations and synergies that help hundreds of companies grow and prosper in all business sectors.

During the past four years:

  • • We increased our acting C.F.O. presence by 123%.
  • • We manage funding over € 1.7 billion.
  • • In the last three years, we submitted 327 claims for subsidies under the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework or “ESPA”) and the Development Law, thereby contributing to the financing of the Greek economy.
  • • We assisted businesses and entrepreneurs with their search for investment funds, succeeding in over 60 occasions.
  • • We took part in financings for sums over €700 million, and negotiated terms for loans exceeding €1 billion in total, while tapping into all available bank funding programs. 
  • • We completed over 1.100 debt restructurings, featuring some of the most important for the Greek economy, while achieving large penetration into the NPL sector.
  • • We enhanced our accounting supervision portfolio of businesses by 72%.

With conviction, knowledge, experience, creativity, and passion for the entrepreneur, we lay out a solid course for business success.