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DEPA S.A. is the company that first imported natural gas in Greece, following the implementation by the same of a substantial energy investment. DEPA with its long standing presence in the Greek energy market consists now a modern and competitive group of companies with a dynamic presence in the energy sector and has a real contribution to the economic development of the Country, the protection of the environment and the improvement of the standard of living of the citizens in the local communities. With continuous gas pipeline extensions and the creation of new regional Gas Supply Companies (EPAs), the DEPA group brings natural gas to more regions in the Country.

DEPA, with its long term gas supply contracts, contributes to the Country’s security of supply while developing initiatives for the role of Greece as a transit country to the rest of Europe from countries with abundant gas reserves.

DEPA’s vision is to further connect the energy future of the Country to the European networks and to support Greece’s integration in the energy highways in an era where energy constitutes a decisive factor in the structure of geopolitical balances.

The strategic goals of DEPA aim to:

  • Preserve the leading role in a liberalized domestic energy market
  • Create and exploit development opportunities in Greece by increasing the penetration rate of natural gas on a national level as well as by assuming a leading role as an energy player in the region

DEPA promotes specific strategic initiatives with the objective:

  • To provide gas to its customers from diversified sources under competitive prices
  • To assume a leading role in the region by developing the necessary infrastructure and by supplying gas to the regional markets
  • To create a modern and dynamic organization facing the demands of competition while contributing to the development of an efficient market with “green” characteristics.

Our People
The cornerstone for the achievement of the objectives of DEPA and the promotion of its vision are without doubt its people.

Today the company permanently employs 65 people, all of whom have exceptional academic backgrounds, with proven track records of long term experience and expertise, yet above all with love, faith and devotion to her principles and values.

46% of our staff is women, while 80% of the people of the company are graduates of a tertiary educational institution, with a considerable percentage of them being holders of at least one postgraduate degree.

DEPA, a staunch advocate of the principle that only people can make the difference, is constantly upgrading their management formulae and ensures the appropriate utilization of its people.

It creates dynamic and competent working teams, thus assisting the effectiveness of its employees and enhancing their productivity levels.

It firmly invests in both the professional and personal advancement of its executives, therefore arranging for the educational framework plan to accommodate programmes of continuous training which assists in the further development of their knowledge, talent and skill.

Mainly though, the Company ensures that there is a balanced and safe working environment and encourages productive dialogue and cooperation with personnel, thus attaining a level of mutual good faith and understanding.

Responsibly benefiting the community and the environment
Fully aware of the responsibility its leading role in the revitalization of the Greek economy entails, since its establishment DEPA has incorporated Corporate Social Responsibility practices in its overall business strategy. The voluntary adoption of CSR principles consistently reflects the company’s unwavering ethical commitment to a code of conduct which, along with its growth and development, ensures DEPA’s positive contribution to the community and the environment.

For DEPA it is self-evident that economic development yields improved results when associated with the community’s welfare and environmental protection. This firm conviction gains greater significance in light of the company’s critical role in the resurgence of the Greek economy.

First and foremost, this strong association of CSR practices with financial growth ensures numerous tangible benefits for the company:

  • transparency and clear-cut operating procedures
  • more effective corporate governance
  • improved work environment
  • enhanced human resources performance

Especially in today’s evolving and increasingly competitive business environment, DEPA’s CSR programs and initiatives create added value and improve its long term prospects, decisively contributing to:

  • the establishment of a comparative advantage, making DEPA more competitive, more resilient and, certainly, more attractive to consumers
  • boosting the company’s value
  • enhancing public trust

As part of its CSR agenda on environmental protection and community welfare, DEPA has launched a multifaceted program including a series of initiatives that focus on:

  • supporting “green” business ventures
  • improving public welfare, especially that of stakeholder communities
  • promoting Greek culture and civilization
  • sponsoring the arts, letters and sciences
  • supporting sports and education
  • respecting human values
  • actively protecting the environment, a fundamental company priority

The development of a comprehensive and systematic CSR program and the further improvement of related practices and procedures fully integrated with the company’s management and operations, as well as with its overall community and environmental protection strategies, is a key priority for DEPA.

An equally significant company objective is to ensure that all CSR related activities yield both tangible and measurable results, which will be appropriately utilized to further improve the company’s performance.

Recognizing that Responsible Corporate Behavior leads to sustainable business success, DEPA remains committed to a corporate strategy that consistently incorporates socially responsible practices.

Contributing to public welfare
As a responsible corporate citizen, DEPA aspires to be a model organization recognized for implementing significant projects and consistently contributing to society as a whole. Envisioning a better future for the entire Greek society, the company has developed a multifaceted human-centered program focusing on research, science, art, culture, education and sport. In fact, DEPA’s social mission is not limited to these but has a much broader impact.

The company’s role in the economic growth and development of Greece is undisputed. The natural gas transport network alone is one of the largest projects ever implemented nationwide. By creating new energy infrastructures, DEPA links Greece with a source of energy that is cheaper, safer, more efficient and certainly friendlier to the environment. By making Greece a crucial energy hub for Europe, the company advances the country’s international status and attracts new investments and business ventures, thereby creating new employment opportunities. Moreover, it offers new growth prospects to thousands of businesses and light and heavy industrial concerns, while providing obvious benefits to millions of households and consumers.

DEPA’s business activities have not merely altered the country’s energy balance, nor is the company’s contribution to Greek society limited to ensuring better and cheaper fuel and safeguarding, directly or indirectly, thousands of employment positions. Equally significant with the growth-related and financial benefits to society is the fact that, today, millions of consumers -irrespective of social or economic background- consider natural gas an obvious development that has unquestionably contributed to the improvement of their everyday routine and quality of life.

In addition to the above and in line with its commitment to consistent and meaningful social contribution, DEPA supports initiatives that affect the Greek society as a whole, focusing mainly on:

People, with an emphasis on the most vulnerable social groups. The company’s objective is to contribute to improving the living conditions and enhancing the quality of life of disadvantaged social groups, whether on its own initiative or through joint efforts.

Science, research and education, with an emphasis on new technologies. DEPA, a strong supporter of the sustainable development of the market of the future and a staunch advocate of youth, undertakes initiatives related to employment opportunities for students and young scientists and the utilization and advancement of industrial and experimental research in scientific fields of particular interest.

Through similar undertakings, as well as grants and scholarships, DEPA supports artistic, cultural and sports initiatives (the latter through grants and sponsorships of amateur athletic associations and clubs), as well as socially worthy projects.

Actively Caring for the Environment
Given the “friendly” relationship between natural gas and the environment, at DEPA environmental protection is inseparably linked with sustainable development. The company is firmly committed to the principle that productivity and growth should stay in lockstep with the minimization of the company’s environmental footprint.

DEPA’s commitment to the protection of the environment is reflected in the company’s daily practices, while its abiding respect for the environment is mainly expressed through concrete actions based on its overall environmental strategy. To implement this strategy, DEPA has adopted an Environmental Management System, which adheres to international environmental protection standards and advanced sustainable development practices.

As part of this system’s application, DEPA ensures that any company activity that may have an environmental impact complies with Greek legislation. Moreover, it initiates actions that reduce these impacts and consistently sets objectives that improve its environmental performance.

The company’s main objective is to minimize any impacts on the landscape, the natural resources, the atmosphere and the quality of life of local communities, regardless of location. Both during construction and operation, DEPA complies with the most rigorous environmental standards stipulated by Greek and European legislation. The company’s natural gas installations have been constructed in compliance with international environmental standards and have been certified by independent organizations.

In addition to its environmental management practices, DEPA conducts R&D projects aimed at protecting and enhancing the environment. One of the most important inroads in this direction is the powering of vehicles with natural gas, which can result in significant financial (the cost of natural gas is 1/3 that of gasoline) and environmental benefits.

In this context, DEPA has taken the lead in influencing developments and initiating cooperative efforts to expand the use of natural gas by not only an increasing number of both public and private vehicles (i.e. local government authority waste collection vehicles, buses, taxis, etc.,) but also by an increasing number of regions throughout Greece. As part of these efforts, the company has initiated regional pilot programs for the gas powering of vehicles, such as the one scheduled for the city of Volos in 2012 -involving the installation of natural gas pumps at local petrol stations funded by DEPA- or the one pertaining to Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city. The company’s medium term objective is the development of the required infrastructure for natural gas refueling stations in the country’s major cities and throughout the national road network.

Another project highlighting DEPA’s sensitivity to environmental issues is the “EcoMobility” program, an environmentally friendly transportation campaign aspiring to raise awareness among teenagers regarding the adoption of new modes of urban mass transit, including the development of Green Transport. The program is addressed to secondary school students throughout Greece and aims to heighten their environmental awareness, while encouraging the development of new transportation habits. Falling under the auspices of the Ministries of Education, Transport, the Environment and Citizen Protection, as well as the European Commissioner for the Environment, this program is further supported by the country’s leading universities and scientific institutions.

Sustainable Development and Green Entrepreneurship
In terms of “Green Entrepreneurship” DEPA has an impressive record highlighted by a wide range of worthy initiatives and innovative targeted actions that aim to boost current growth while conserving resources for future development.

To boost eco-friendly growth, DEPA has launched a series of initiatives meant to support Green Entrepreneurship and encourage the development, evaluation and application of innovative environmental protection practices that can also drive the development of the Greek economy. Such initiatives, well integrated into the company’s business strategy, cover a broad spectrum of activities reaching beyond national borders.

Recent initiatives include:

  • Financial assistance to scientific institutions, research organizations and business entities that promote sustainable development and best practices.
  • Sponsoring of national and international scientific and business conferences promoting green development.
  • Support of summit meetings on the utilization of new sustainable development models and forward-looking investment opportunities to tackle the climatic, economic and energy-related challenges of our time.