Digital Law Experts

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Digital Law Experts (DLE) is a modern law firm based in Athens, Greece with absolute specialization in the field of law & new technologies. Its expertise covers all legal aspects of the digital environment, including:

• Personal Data Protection & Privacy
• Cyber Security & Cyber Crime
• Intellectual Property 
• Telecommunications
• Information Technology
• Artificial Intelligence
• The creation and support of whistleblowing schemes
• Strategic consultancy for issues related to innovation and the Internet

DLE provides high-quality legal advice tailored to individuals and businesses of all sizes. From start-ups to industry-leaders, DLE’s clients rely on its advice and solutions to meet the constant challenges emerging from the growing flow of information. DLE’s experience, expertise, specialization and unparalleled service are a powerful ally for any company, organization or individual seeking the highest level of protection and compliance against an ever-evolving legal framework, ultimately turning regulatory obligation into a competitive advantage.