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The “Electra Metropolis” is a brand new 5 star hotel in the heart of the city. It is situated at the beginning of Mitropoleos Street next to Syntagma Square, the most famous square in Greece, and has been welcoming business travellers and holiday makers to Athens since September 2016. This Athens luxury lifestyle hotel is near many Athens tourist attractions and other places to visit in Athens, Greece.
This new jewel of Athens is founded on the values of “Electra Hotels & Resorts”, and has 216 luxurious and fully equipped suites and rooms with views of the Acropolis and the old neighbourhood of Plaka. There is also an impressive atrium in the centre of the hotel which is surrounded by restaurants, cafes, the spa and also conference rooms, meeting rooms and lecture rooms which make the hotel one of the best venues in Athens for hosting corporate events in Athens. The hotel also has a unique Roof Garden with a spectacular view of the Parthenon and the entire city.
The building was designed by the famous architect Patroklos Karantinos and was, for many years, home to the Ministry of Education. However, it has now been transformed into one of the best hotels in Athens, and this enticing example of Retro Chic style has made its mark on modern Athens and is now a trailblazing example of today’s interior architecture and design!
The public areas of the hotel are graced by two unique works of art. The first is a unique work by the Greek painter Alekos Fasianos showing silver bees soaring in the blue Greek sky, and the other is a composition of worked marble plaques – albeit a composition that tests the limits of artistic projects. Furthermore, the basement of the building houses its own remarkable cultural attraction – the remains of the famous Themistoclean Wall which surrounded ancient Athens. Finally, on the ground floor, the 16th century Agia Dynami chapel is literally right part of the hotel building.
Electra Metropolis is next to the main area for shopping in Athens, Ermou Street, and only five minutes from the upmarket Kolonaki area with its designer shops, boutiques and some highly sophisticated Athens nightlife including some of the most impressive wine bars in Athens. The hotel is also within walking distance of many of the top ten things to do in Athens, such the Acropolis, the magnificent Plaka conservation neighbourhood and near most of the major monuments and museums in the city.  
All the rooms and suites have their own unique aesthetic and style, with 40” Smart LED televisions, fast Wi-Fi connections, efficient air conditioning and sound insulation so that you can fully enjoy your stay. Finally, all our bathrooms include complementary branded cosmetic products. Some of the suites have magnificent views of the Acropolis, one of the most important ancient monuments in the world.
The Metropolis Roof Garden, on the 10th floor, is a unique experience and gives guests a chance to sample today’s new creative Greek cuisine. The restaurant offers a selection of specially-created dishes with an emphasis on fish and meat. For more casual meals, the Library on the ground floor offers dishes based on Mediterranean cuisine. Finally the M bar (one of the best cocktail bars in Athens) on the tenth floor is an ideal spot to enjoy one of our signature cocktails, the perfect end to a day in the city of Greek culture. 
The Aegeo Spa in the Electra Metropolis offers an unusually rejuvenating experience, for both body and soul, and adds the finishing touch to the hotel’s uniquely welcoming hospitality.
Needless to say, we can arrange any kind of social, political or professional event, even the most demanding. We have five air conditioned conference halls with natural light, available for hosting meetings, conferences, events and performances for between 10 and 200 people. 
Five star comfort and Retro Chic style in the heart of Athens.

LEED for New Construction & Major Renovation – Certified (28/2/2017)
The “Electra Metropolis” Hotel, located in central Athens has received the LEED Certificate for New Construction & Major Renovation.  

The specifications of its construction materials, its energy study and its operation, as well as its excellent access to public transport, contribute in the best possible way to the convenience of the guests and to the achievement of an exceptional environmental performance which helped the hotel obtain the LEED (Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design) environmental certification of the American Organization US Green Building Council and become the first hotel in Greece with this international environmental recognition.
The LEED system certifies that a building has been designed and built following the principles of sustainable construction that aim at the optimal energy and environmental behavior of the building. LEED examines seven fundamental issues: Sustainable Siting, Water Management, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials, Quality of Indoor Spaces, Innovation, Local Priority.
In the context of the LEED requirements, the energy efficiency of the building has been studied with the method of its energy simulation model. The energy saving that has been achieved by the building is 24% (particularly regarding the air conditioning, cooling was improved by 35% and heating by 75%), compared to a common building without any sophisticated systems and insulations, with the use of energy measures such as: the recovery of heat by the air conditioning for hot water for domestic use, the simultaneous use of air conditioning for cooling and heating in the mid-seasons, the use of inverter systems in the pumps, circulators and ventilators and the use of LEDs in all lighting bulbs and strip and tape lights. Furthermore, the use of the building as a hotel had the advantage of the use of central controller and BMS management systems, that also contributed in energy saving. Regarding its envelope the building has double glazing frames for soundproofing and low-e technology and in all of the superstructure an external thermal insulation system has been applied with an average insulating material thickness of 8 cm.
The LEED certification required the implementation of other environmental measures that regard water consumption saving, with the appropriate types of taps and faucets and watering, the use of local materials (marble, plasterboards, steel, cement, etc.) and the indirect contribution to the reduction of emissions of CO2 with the proximity of many public transport services, the availability of bicycle parking spaces and its siting in a high density area.
This certification has been awarded in a period where the positive shift of the real estate market is now a fact. The new conditions put forth the issue of evaluation of commercial buildings with internationally recognized systems of environmental rating. The LEED environmental rating standard is the most internationally recognized system of certification of buildings and has been developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. 
Finally, it is remarked that all important new or radically renovated buildings in Greece in the last five years have adopted the LEED system as a means of development and higher added value.