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  • Since: 18.03.2022


Friends of Merimna”, www.friendsofmerimna.gr, a non-profit association, has as its statutory purpose since its foundation in 2002, the moral and material support of “Merimna”.  More specifically, the Friends of Merimna have the following aims:

  • • To raise the necessary financial means to cover a significant part of the operating expenses and needs of Merimna.
  • • To build a supportive community by raising awareness on topics concerning life serious illness and death through the sensitization of Greek society and Public services.

They achieve these objectives by planning and implementing events. During their twenty years of operation, the Friends of Merimna have implemented many actions and events:

  • • Christmas Bazaars for 17 years
  • • Picnic
  • • Garage Sale-with furnitures and objects
  • • On line Eastern and Christmas sales
  • • Speeches
  • • Excursions
  • • Concerts
  • • On line exhibition with the participation of 100 artist

In 2012 «Friends of Merimna» created a branch in Thessaloniki to support the Child Bereavement Counseling Center in Thessaloniki.

The association of “Friends of Merimna” is truly made up of the people who are part of it. They are all active volunteers loyal to a common purpose over the years to support “Merimna”.