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i4 Energy S.A. holds a leading position in today’s technological transformation by driving the digitalization of the energy sector through state-of-the-art software solutions. The company is committed to developing technologies, products & services that support power producers, consumers & aggregators to harness the power of their data and make the transition towards their net-zero targets.

i4 Energy creates innovative technology products & solutions, leveraging on the purpose-built Digital Energy Ecosystem ACROSS®. The company provides all the necessary tools and services for businesses to achieve operational efficiency through real-time control, on-time information and automated management of their energy-related operations.

Staffed with experts in their respective fields, i4energy teams of skilled electrical & software engineers have a track record of successfully delivering complex power and energy management projects for more than 20 years.

A flexible IoT environment based on open architecture allows the integration of a variety of connectivity solutions, to manage and control any kind of infrastructure, making ACROSS® ideal for Smart City / IοT applications as well.

In line with the latest technological trends, i4energy provides AI-enriched insights, a wide range of energy-related algorithms and advanced big data analytics techniques. We transform data into intelligence within the process automation energy market.

By fostering innovation, our portfolio of solutions contributes to a sustainable future.

i4energy undertakes turn-key projects, offering complete packages of services, software and equipment, ensuring the necessary engineering system installation, performance and overall reliability.


25 Jun 2024
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