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Lino 3D Lab is a 3D printing laboratory which specializes in all edge technologies of additive manufacturing. With our expertized personnel and fully equipped facilities this unit aims to support manufacturers in their manufacturing process, to help them choose the right process, the right materials and acquire the necessary skills to understand the stakes and functioning of 3D printing technologies. We are currently mastering SLA, DLP, FDM and Binder Jetting technologies. However, the added value of our laboratory is the fact that we supply a wide variety of materials for the above-mentioned technologies, from plastics (resins and filaments), to metals (stainless steels and alloys) and ceramics (zirconia and alumina). We really want to introduce this pioneering technology into new and conventional industries, and show the world that additive manufacturing is here to facilitate our operations. We definitely, closely follow developments in 3D printing technologies because the market sectors they address are endless.