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We at MAN Energy Solutions are investing all of our energy into creating solutions for sustainable prosperity. We aim to provide the technical solutions that will drive the global economy into a new carbon-neutral era.

MAN Energy Solutions enables its customers to achieve sustainable value creation in the transition towards a carbon-neutral future. By addressing tomorrow’s challenges within the marine, energy and industrial sectors, we improve efficiency and performance at a systemic level – step by step. Our planet and our customers need solutions to achieve climate goals and restrictions.

By leading the way in advanced engineering for more than 250 years, we have built a unique portfolio of technologies. Headquartered in Germany, MAN Energy Solutions employs around 14,000 people at over 120 sites globally.

The protection of the environment is of central importance to us and part of our corporate responsibility. It makes an important contribution to the company’s success. We have derived the following Environmental Protection principles from our strategy and management policy.

1) We look at the environmental aspects throughout the product life cycle.

2) We involve our employees in environmental protection and expect environmentally conscious
behavior. We support our managers and employees in the fulfillment of their responsibility in
environmental protection and enable professional qualification. Environmental protection is an
essential part of the management task. The managers support the implementation personally and

3) We seek to agree on these guidelines in the Partner, Supplier and Customer Agreements.

4) Through rapid, systematic and system-based incident reporting, we enable sound analysis and
derive improvements from it.

5) Based on opportunities and risks, the needs of our interested parties and regular audits, we
continuously develop our environmental management system, including related compliance

6) We consider the protection of the environment as early as possible in our planning and decisionmaking processes and promote preventive measures to reduce environmental impact. Based on
best practices, incidents and new technologies, we increase environmental protection and
continuously optimize our processes to reduce resource consumption.

7) We evaluate the environmental aspects of our activities, products and services and introduce
measures to prevent and reduce environmental impact. To this end, we develop consumption and
emission-efficient products and services and strive to use environmentally compatible materials
during product manufacture.

8) We design, build and operate buildings and infrastructures to minimize the impact on the
environment. The use of energy and water, the use of hazardous substances and solvents as well
as the generation of wastewater, waste, emissions and noise are given special consideration.

The high quality of our products and services is the basis of our long-term successful business. The
satisfaction of our customers is a decisive measure of our actions. We measure the success of our work by
achieving the set quality targets. We have derived the following quality principles from our strategy and
management policy.

Quality means for us:

1) to understand and exceed customer expectations. We always act in the interests of our customers
and as a reliable partner. We regularly conduct a customer satisfaction survey and implement the
improvement measures derived from this on a sustainable basis.

2) to continuously determine the qualifications of our employees and to ensure these by targeted
training and further education. All of our employees determine the quality and success of our
performance. The managers support the implementation personally and actively.

3) select and develop suppliers according to defined quality criteria. We maintain a relationship based
on partnership with our suppliers and support them in ensuring sustainable solution concepts and
working conditions compliant with our values.

4) to investigate new technologies and apply them to our solutions. We use digitization technologies
to increase efficiency, avoid failures and to analyze technical systems in a holistic manner.

5) to check the effectiveness of the quality management system through regular reviews. We meet the
requirements of the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 by operating a certified
management system. The needs and expectations of our interested parties, as well as the
evaluation of the corporate risks and opportunities, are embedded in our processes.

6) to ensure a continuous improvement process over the entire product lifecycle proactively and
reactively. We call for and promote preventive measures for quality assurance. We deal with failures
openly and support measures to quickly stop and avoid errors and risks.

7) We prioritize our actions as follows: 1. Safety | 2. Quality | 3. Time | 4. Costs


25 Oct 2022
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