Manifest Services Ltd.

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Mission Statement

To ensure the necessary prerequisites for improving effectiveness, productivity and minimization of operational costs, for every sizeable and organized business entity.
To secure a healthy, safe and pleasant work environment for everyone, with a keen dedication and consistency to our commitment to exceed customers’ expectations, by capitalizing on innovation and relying on a human-centered approach and on our social responsibility.

Manifest is a purely Greek company which employs more than 750 employees nationwide and has recognized the human factor as the driving force behind its success. Thus, by basing its policies and practices on principles such as integrity, honesty and mutual respect, it creates a safe and healthy work environment where innovation and productivity are rewarded.
Manifest regards Corporate Social Responsibility as a factor of utmost importance for the continued successful development and supports that corporate responsibility is critical for the formation of new data and more promising conditions for our country. Indeed, having in mind all the effort required by the business community, it is our goal to contribute in the best possible way to revive the Greek economy.

The protection of the environment is of paramount importance for the quality of life of the present as well as the future generations.
What constitutes a challenge is ensuring a viable and long-term protection of the environment along with a continuous financial growth rate for the company.
The current climate change makes this challenge even more difficult. As an organization we feel obliged to abide by the European Union principles, so we have adopted its environmental policy which is based on the belief that having high environmental standards promotes innovation and financial activity and that the economical, industrial, social and environmental policy must be closely interrelated.
Our Environmental Policy is apparent in all our company’s activities.
Such activities include raising the environmental awareness of our staff, the use of ecological materials, the improvement of the energy consumption in our offices and facilities, the use of transportation and machinery, and the methodology and waste management systems in all working areas.