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Portokalides Group is the distributor in Greece of well-known international furniture brands:

  • Istikbal: one of the largest mattress & furniture factories internationally with more than 5.000 stores worldwide
  • Pikolin: The Spanish giant in the bedding industry with more than 10.000 points of sale worldwide!

Portokalides Group also maintains under its ownership the NightyO brandthat specializes in innovative and sophisticated sleep systems, meeting consumers’ demand for personalized solutions in this very challenging category that is directly related to the primary need for rest and rejuvenation!

Portokalides Group, shifting its focus early on to digital transformation, innovative promotion tools and thorough evaluation of consumer behavior, has managed to showcase a remarkable growth rate with rapid market penetration and establish a prominent position in the furniture market despite the adverse economic conditions and market challenges of the last decade in Greece.

Today, the Group maintains a strong retail network of 16 stores across the country and a professional Hotel Β2Β department, with a total of more than 80 employees. We invest in new showrooms and optimize their energy consumption and efficiency creating ideal conditions for our staff and customers while reducing our environmental footprint and maintenance costs. Car charging stations have been installed in several stores and the aim of the company is to soon expand them throughout the whole retail network. Executives and employees are the driving force of the company, which invests in the long-term relationship with its people by taking care of their training, development, safety and well-being.

Our strategic aim is to provide complete furniture solutions to all our customers (from a single apartment to a Luxury Hotel chain) at the best Value-for-Money. We evolve together with our customers and we build lasting relationships that stand the test of time. We understand and anticipate their ever-changing needs but also identify with them in contemporary issues for society and the environment by providing them with our active partnership and support.

From 2017 till this year, Portokalides Group is constantly awarded with the gold prize in the category of “Best Hotel Supplier” for its complete and on-time services to the Greek Hotel industry and the “Best Dealer of the year 2016” award among the Istikbal’s international dealers network, recognized for its outstanding sales’ results and brand-building achievements in Greece.

The adoption of principles of sustainable business development and our belief in ethical business practices with an emphasis on transparency, respect and excellent customer service have always been the cornerstones of both our personal and business conduct.