The Hellenic Institute of Customer Service and Alba Graduate Business School, have established an evolving learning partnership, to educate the executives of the customer service function  through a series of programs that address the development needs of learners, across seniority levels and industry sectors. The curricula blend academic excellence with business relevance,  while they focus on cutting – edge concepts, skills and applied knowledge within a collaborative, network learning context.


Currently, the  core series comprises of three programs:
1. Developing Customer Service Excellence
2. Managing Values and Competencies for Customer Service Excellence
3. Mastering Excellence : Leading Customer Service Teams


Learners may select to participate in each module independently or to attend all three modules. Upon successful completion of the three programs, participants receive the Executive Diploma in Customer Service Management.


In Fall 2022, the learning portfolio has been enriched with the ‘Customer Service for Leaders Program’, designed exclusively for senior Customer Service Leaders.



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